3 Weeks….

It’s been three weeks since I put the BigGirlKat down. I miss Her fat belly and Her little motor running when I come home from work and throw Her over my shoulder. Such a GoodGirlCitten!!! I miss coffee together in the morning…it’s just not the same. My cousin said I should just get another kitten and I’d have the same thing…NO I don’t think so as the new kitten would not be my BigGirl! There is no way I’m getting another Cat! The up side to this whole thing is that I don’t have to worry about a senior Kat and I don’t have to clean the kitty litter! Yay! No more Food in the mail or Meds in the mail. 2019 budget increase comes from that money! Yay! So I do miss Her….don’t miss having the “Pet” that goes along with Her! I kept Her shoe lace and the masking tape on Her carrier with Her name and put in on Her picture my Yoga teacher painted of Her and my Old Man Cat who has been gone 5 yrs. It’s nice to have something as a keep sake. I do have my front porch “welcome” mat. That’s all I”ll say about that. Anyway…saw the Med Dr. the other day and he gave me more sleep meds. He also doesn’t care about helping me with my work thing, one more. Thank you for that. I am really trying to work it out to leave work Jan 2020 and retire in March. It will be early but I just want to be done with it. So as long as he keeps working, he says he will, I’ll be able to get through. After that I won’t need to see him. I have been off the mood drugs for 4 months and I’m glad I’m not sedated anymore. It’s the only difference they made really. I”m trying to keep an eye on my short fuse and monitor my thoughts. Yeah well…………So that’s about it for now. She was a Good Girl and I did indeed follow through with my agreement to give her all that she didn’t get the first part of her life with the other Cat(s) and that other person(wacked out at this point, bummer). She was 100% first and I loved her all the time. She calmed down a lot as we were alone together. I did good. Thanks

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