A story about old coins !

Once upon a time a lady gathered all her coins, cleaned and polished all up and took them to the coin store.The lady with a huge smile on her face told the man,look what I have done I cleaned and polished these old coins up for you.To her surprise the man just stood there stoned faced for a few minutes,then cleared his throat and said to her.Lady this is what most people do with them coins is clean and polish them but the coins are worth so much more uncleaned and unpolished,The lady slowly frowned and thought and said to him.I dont understand sir.I always thought they were worth so much more clean and polished and all shiny like new.The man behind the counter said no mam.We call them old coins tarnished coins.Toning actually makes them worth more.

The moral to this story is,if your feeling a bit tarnished,I would suggest that we all are merely toned! And thus growing in value.The battle you are in is toning you.It can be your ceiling in life or stepping stone to your future. Your choice . 

Everybody needs some uplifting and I love nothin more than to read some words of encouragement,especially when im goin thru a rough patch in life. life knocks all of us down a time are two are more.its up to us to get back up and join the battle and overcome them obstacles we face everyday of our lifes. Just remember your winning the battle if you stay focused and positive !

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