love or lust

is it love or lust
i have no words because now that i think about it
its a lust relashonhsip its really not that fun i want a real relashon but im afraid that if i tell u that then your gonna slap me or give me brusie like u always do but i always have to hide from my parents and its not good for your health but its not good to do it to any gril all u do is ask me for nudes and when i dont send them to you the next day u see me u slap me i love u but its not gonna work it hurts and u dont understand im here but not if u keep calling me a bitch i dont do all this abusive shit u wil esily get killed but u dont want to see u get hurt and u really dont understan this is the second time this happend and he is only my second boyfriend and it makes it hard for me to date bc i dont trust no one

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