32.Say hello, goodbye

You took my heart when you chose to leave,

carelessly plucked it right off my sleeve,

tossed it like litter and threw in a laugh

and I can’t forget your face

so say hello to the sun for me,

you took my light when you took my love lightly,

say goodbye to the darkness—it’s all you left me

when you left me here alone

Say goodbye to authenticity,

to anything resembling reality

say hello to superficiality,

mannequins, masks, puppets, drones

please and thanks to anything meaningless,

any resemblance to dark depths leaves you distressed,  

so Take the shallow and leave the rest,

as I sit in silent solitude, my home 

2 thoughts on “32.Say hello, goodbye”

  1. I can feel where your mind was going in your words. Your words represent the feelings of many people, especially myself. It’s really represented to me what I had gone through in a toxic relationship. Thanks you.

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