Tuesday December 4th

It’s 8:49am. I slept well. Since I’ve been off the Abilify, my sleep has gotten better. I didn’t take anything to go to sleep, either. I did it all on my own. I am going to see Heather at 10:15 about my medicine. I hadn’t considered coming off the Abilify had caused all the crying this weekend. Maybe that was the issue. I have to stop looking back. Period. Nothing from the past- even as recent as last month- matters now. Its gone and over. I have to only look forward. I have to pretend that the people from my past don’t even exist. No more hoping they will come back, no more thinking about it. I need a singular focus on the future. I need to study the lab manual I found online. I started working on it yesterday. 

I am smart. I can be a great nurse. That needs to be my life’s mission. I need to forget everyone else. I can do this and become a person that makes a real difference in the world. It must be a singular focus on what I can control- me. 


Heather gave me Ritalin. 

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