i feel weird,idk type of feeling, idk whats in my head. 

the atmosphere and the air around me feels weird,idk if i should be worried or happy or what

its Camerons bd today and everyone he loves is there, just NOT ME. im feeling today that we both belong to 2 different worlds. im soo out of his world. 

i will go one day, it all hurts me. the day i feel like im strong enough, ill go

35 thoughts on “Weird”

  1. Oh yeah,totally.. Even the doc said that to me,so I guess I’m gonna have to take a walk from here to US,what about I stop at ur ranch on my way and say hi?

  2. Yeah walk,swim,walk,swim and maybe fly a lil too,right haha

  3. no plane tickets cost too much so walk and swim is better

  4. Yeah, totally and its just 7,985 miles,that’s so lil,I’ll reach pretty early on foot ,no need to waste money for that lil distance

  5. Yep,esp for that lil a distance ,its totally a waste ,sigh,we are such spendthrifts :-X

  6. Hahaha no,just straight forward and don’t understand cow shit

  7. I meant you just can get stupid and illogical stuff,you aren’t a wode

  8. Ur punishment for swearing is you’ll have to lay ur clothes out and they have to be matching

  9. like that will happen well maybe tomorrow cause I’m wearing jeans and a red shirt and boot and white socks

  10. Still do it
    Do u wanna get grounded huh

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