Featured image I call dad coming home moving objects I have a hard time with 

The same thing school home today I had to do feed bottle calves it is kind of fun I guess but they attack and we have 18 right now it happens when a mom dies are just won’t let the calf eat so the become orphans cause bull don’t care he had his fun, then homework

Then of course whatever dad can burn on the stove 

40 thoughts on “12/05/2018”

  1. he burns everything for real unless food is all supposed to be black and hard

  2. eggs sausages biscuits and gravy all the same color for real

  3. He tries but he ait good at it he fixed spaghetti the other night and it was so chewy I thought it was gum

  4. Maybe you should tell him about youtube and the cooking channels on there?

  5. he thinks he is good at it or that’s what he tells me I think he lies well stresses the truth any ways

  6. dad says I make to big a mess he is a clean freak like really bad clean freak

  7. Hahaha you are in a hopeless situation then
    Enjoy the black and hard food! Bon appetite! Hahah

  8. I might go to ranchers ,and eat a mighty Burger hehe
    Will save the pic for you,you can enjoy the pic

  9. Its a restaurant, I’m not going to a real ranch hahahahhahhah

  10. Here we call a person with lil wisdom a cow,like such a cow head

  11. But yep,a lot of cows there,almost everyone has a cow but I live in a city, we rarely go to village but ik how it is

  12. Uhoh
    OK,gotta go,ttyl
    And lay your clothes out
    Goodnight,sleeping beauty

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