an old pal…

i’m not sure funny would be the word for it,  but it’s interesting that for the first time in my life i’m actually trying to take care of my mental health and i am staring into a pill bottle with only one more pill and no refill. no longer insured, it’s looking as if there is going to be a lapse in meds.  i just hope i don’t fall back into the swamp. 

not that this new medicated me is exactly peachy either. it’s not bad at all,  it’s just uncomfortable and strange. until today the depression has been damned. it’s still flowing in the background,  but it is at least contained and available for analyzing if you should want.

depression for me is a comfortable place that offers no comfort. an old friend who is ok for an hour but then needs to go.  i’m not sure i am ready for that dam to start giving way. 

One thought on “an old pal…”

  1. You might be able to contact the manufacturer of your antidepressant. They might be able to help you with the medication until an alternative way to get your medication can surface. I jave had to do that with a few of my mom’s meds before. I know depression is a pain. I’ve been fighting it for 24 years now and it just seemed to be getting gradually worse. I hope things get better for you. And know if you ever want someone to talk to I’m here.

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