day sixty five

I have to start taking notes of what I think throughout the day, because I always forget half the stuff I want to write about before I get the chance to sit down in peace at home. Sometimes I manage to make well structured sentences and paragraphs in my head, but forget them completely the next minute. Walking to school is the best time for my mind to work. I do not have to concentrate on anything and I usually do not talk with my roommate, because we have nothing to talk about. Normally, I write the journal in the afternoon or in the evening and by this time, I have already forgotten what I was thinking in the morning.

An update on my student exchange saga: the school’s exchange coordinator said I should be self-initiative and find a foreign university, where I would want to go myself, along with  other information I want to know. ˝There is a list of universities we work with on the school’s website˝ she said, so I went to find it. I found the page, last update being in 2015. There were two lists that were different from one another, so I could not help myself with them at all. I searched for other universities in countries I want to go to, but results were hard to find, because the websites were not in english, and I do not speak every European language. So I wrote her an email to tell her about the two lists and other things I have (or have not) found. This was last tuesday. I received an answer yesterday. Is said: ˝You are right, the lists are incorrect, I will try to update them this week.˝ She also mentioned that a Turkish university (their professors visited us last week) is searching for exchange students to join them, and that one of our professors (the one taking care of the two foreign professors) said that this Turkish university is really good and students should go there. I do not really want to go to Turkey. I do not know why, but I just do not find it interesting enough to live there for 5 months. In case everything else falls through however, I would love go there, but not yet, now that other options are available.



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