This is Me

Hello, I am 50 years old, married with 4 grown kids and 4 grandsons and an angel granddaughter. I am currently 2 years 6 months NED(no evidence of disease) from stage 3 lung cancer. I decided to start this journal as a way to express my feelings or vent as my husband and I recently moved in with his grandmother. She will be 89 next week. She fell back in october and broke her hip, has copd, a compression fracture in her lower back, a mass on bottom of 1 lung and dementia. She just came home from rehab center last thursday. I am her primary caregiver, hubby helps but she prefers me, as we just recently learned. My motherinlaw comes by pretty much everyday, which allows me to slip down to basement and spend time with hubby or nap. I was gone monday for like 5 hours and she was getting upset right before i got home because I was not home yet. Once i was home, she was fine. Hubby and i have agreed that we aren’t going to try and tell her what to do, she’s 88 for pete’s sake, not 8. She was very independant prior to her fall, so this has been hard on her also. The dementia has her thinking she moved in with me, asking where her husband Jim is( he passed away 3 years ago). I know in time it will only get worse and worse, but until then, i will do what I can to keep her happy, even if that means staying in our pj’s all day watching tv, as we plan on doing tomorrow lol

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