Why i love writing!

Today im goin to just write about my thoughts.nothin from a book are anything of that nature.even though I do love writing,my grammer could stand some polishing up! smiles .I love to write cause it gives me a sense of peace and helps me to regain my power in a situation that seems like its totally out of control.Writing is about releasing feelings that are unresolved,resentment some of us build up over time and cant speak to others about it.Because it causes arguments then builds more resentment.Its like a never ending cycle that just turns and spins around and goes from one end of the spectrum to another.Theres nothin worse almost then fighting a battle inside your own head.A battle that I cannot win.Trying to be a kind and giving person,can be a bit over welming. Ive always been a giving and careing person and sometimes it gets overwhelming.Because you realize not everybody is the same way! My point is writing does release a lot of clutter in your head.I have always felt like a action doesn’t always need a reaction.When dealing with ungrateful folks and just mean spirited people,you just have to let bygons be bygons.Help others until its time to let them be,when folks don’t appreciate your good heart and rebel against ya.You can only help so much,before it is time for them to move on.So writing keeps me positive in a hard times.When I really wanna tell others just how I truly feel. sometimes a person can be a good person that your helping out,yet be so misguided about life and helping themselves.They think everybody owes them.They seem to always expect handouts.my second husband always said this.you should never expect out of others.and he was right.When life gets tough you have to be tougher,help those people but draw a line and they gotta wanna help themselves as well.Are else why help them other than it is what god wants you to do.So writing is my outlet..Whats yours?

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