Featured image is part of the ranch at sundown 

Welp was a double long day Dad is in Montana looking at a horse so I had my counseling crap went like this

1. Who most understood your feelings, needs, and desires as you have grown up?

     My mom 

2. How did you feel about the person who understood you the most?


3. Who least understood your feelings, needs, and desires as you are growing up?

      My dad

4. How did you feel about the person who understood you the least?

      The same as my mom this is so stupid 

5. How did feeling understood help you to behave in an appropriate manner?

    I don’t even get that question I don’t behave I get my butt busted 

6. Did feeling misunderstood ever influence you to make poor choices or to behave in an inappropriate manner? 

nope I like my butt not red and it was not hard to figure out how to keep my butt from being red

7. Does it make you feel angry and humiliated when you get a red butt

   Nope, it just hurts for ever action there is a reaction learned that in science If I choose to do something wrong then I chose to pay the price for a bad decision it is all on me

8. Do you feel parents should use corporal punishment and does it affect the child’s self-esteem?

      It would stop all the everybody gets a trophy I’m owed everything nobody can disagree with me the real world has to change so I don’t get my feelings hurt crap. 

9. So, Blake, you’re basically a bully when it comes to other peoples feelings do you feel that comes from corporal punishment you receive?

Before I could answer  Jack the ranch foreman walked in dad had him take me to counseling since he is out of town and said Blake, you’re done this guy is an  f&$# prick. I think you hurt his little feelings and he overstepped we need to go before he receives some corporal punishment of his own

(Jack is like this old-time cowboy rough and doesn’t pull back when he has something to say he is like 75yrs old I love him ) 

Mark the counselor said he was sorry he did overstep I got him off guard and he didn’t think before he spoke . Jack said that don’t say much for you when this long-haired hippy kid makes an ass out of you. so we left. Dad is either going to laugh are be so mad but jack has managed the ranch for like 50 years and will tell dad how it is they fight all the time Jacks tells him how it works I mean to be honest Jack makes the ranch make money, not dad and dad knows it.

Jack stopped to get some slope as he called it cause I wanted pizza and dropped me off at home he lives on the far side of the ranch so it’s like an hour away  so home alone reminds me of a movie anyways Jack said before I went in to the house I needed to put out 20 rolls of hay not break anything  then shower and my ass in bed and he better not have to come back tonight unless I was getting murdered are the house was on fire and if it was on fire I dam well better not have caused the fire, So I put out hay till dark


I guess this was kind of long but needed something to do kind of boring home alone I mean I don’t watch much TV are do video games so here I am    

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  1. cause we can work at our own pace and I get bored at home since I don’t play video games and don’t watch much tv so when the weather is bad I do my school work then when it’s nice outside I already have it done

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