day sixty six

I started noticing how much time I waste waiting. On monday, we had two hour off, until our test. A professor let us stay in a classroom so we could revise. I did not study, but had nowhere better to be, so I stayed there, with the rest of the class. I do not think that studying just before a test actually helps. It never worked for me and only made me nervous and I never do it. I spend two hours sitting in a classroom, doing absolutely nothing. I was on my phone for a while, but eventually got bored of it so, for the remaining 90 minutes or so I just sat there. Yesterday, we were supposed to have maths, as usual. We came to the class and waited for the professor to come. Lesson is two periods (2×45 min) long and after he did not show up after the first period, my roommate and I left. I do not know if he arrived later or not and I do not really care. It made me angry, because I have spent almost an hour waiting for something I did not want to go to in the first place and then we just left as if nothing happened. This triggered me to thing about excessive time we, people waste waiting. The thing is I am certain I would not spend this hour, or the two on monday any better if I had them, but still, it annoys me.

My roommate’s friends came over after school ad he went out with them. I was glad to be alone for a while. All of us went to dinner together, along with the friend that we usually have lunch with. After that the two friends left, and the three of us went to the cinema. My roommate wanted to watch the new Fantastic Beasts movie since it came out, so we finally decided to go. It was on me, because it was my birthday on monday. Personally, I do not like the Fantastic Beasts series and I only went to watch this one, because my friends wanted to go. the movies are bad, have poor story, bad characters and it feels like they only exist so J.K Rowling can milk some more money out of Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter, I grew up with him and seeing what she has done to it makes me sad. She created this beautiful universe, got blinded by greed and destroyed it.

Last few days were shit. I feel terrible. I have no energy, no motivation and no will to do anything. Laying in bed, watching youtube and netflx are the only things I somewhat enjoy doing while being awake. Sleeping is of course the best thing to do. I have two more weeks of this until Christmas holiday, and I hope I can hold on until then.



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