just bc i seem ok, doesn’t mean i am ok.

one thing ppl who dont have mental illness dont get is just bc someone seems ok, doesnt mean they ate.

Kate Spade n Anothony Bourdain killed  themeselves ppl talked to them the day before n said they seemed fine.

Lots of ppl who have depression dont let on how bad they really feel, bc ppl dont really care, or say you’re just seeking attention if u tell them how bad you really feel.

Look, Id rather someone say they’re suicidal for attention n give it to them then they go n kill themselves bc they didn’t want to deal with negative shit from ppl who are supposed to love them.

look at addicts ppl dau when one dies I wish they would’ve asked for help. 

well when they do, dont be an asshole, dont tell them they’re looking for attention or downgrade them, or act put off bc of their disease. Fucking help them even if u dont feel like you can tske it.

Im not saying put up with bullshit them stealing your money etc, but help them but have boundaries.

Dont sit n cry over me when Im dead n its too fucking late, I dont want to hear, ai wish Id done more, or I wish they had came to me to talk.

They probaly tried n you were too selfish to listen 

I have never been allowed to be self centered or selfish at all. It was always oh think about others, be good, be kind. be nice, dont make waves,  get along without unpleasantness.

Most ppl are all about themselves n their own. Dont give a fuck someone else wants to bake Im cleaning out the refrigerated cookie dough.

Im not going to let someone go ahead of me in line even though they got two things n I have a full cart. Im going to bulldoze my way down the middle of the aisle fuck it if other ppl cant get down it.

I see this all the time, yet ppl online praise acts of kindness.  Ppl stop being kind bc its not appreciated ppl tire of being used being hurt ignored rejected n tossed aside.

The thing that really kills me, is those ppl have ppl who care about them, n go out of their way to show it.

They have freinds boyfreinds, husbands etc while us nice ppl are alone all the time. I know lots of ppl like this.

They are alone n go out of their way to do things out of kindness n not expect anything in return. Meanwhile ppl who want something from doing someone a kindness have ppl who go out of their way to show them they are wanted n appreciated just makes no sense.

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