Recipes, Writing, Resolutions and planning furthermore.

I’ve come across a recipe that I’ve never had the pleasure of partaking in before, but I’ve known about for some time. It’s called Queen Victoria’s Sponge Cake. It’s made with an equal measure of cake mix in two cake tins, and then you spread a nice raspberry or perhaps strawberry jam, if that is more to your liking followed by creme topping on top of that. You carefully put the top part of the cake onto the toppings and there you have it. It looks very good, and is indelibly easy to make. I have this English bakery that I peruse. Not being a meat eater, I miss out on a lot of the fare that they offer. I do however like to partake in a Fish and Chips plate, and a Bangers and Mash plate on special occasions.  Nowadays, whilst I am working the schedule that I have, I would prefer to eat that on a Wednesday nite when I am off so that I can enjoy it more, rather than thinking afterwards about how I have to work a few hours later. Queen Victoria, from all accounts was a very beautiful woman. She reigned from 1837-1901. I have to research the events that took place during her Monarchy.

I have developed the two main characters in my story now, I have to set up the locations and perhaps brainstorm a bit more and come up with some notes, or whatnot. I already saw in one of the features that there are events that I can use that coincide with the characters lifetimes that I can introduce in the story. That’s something I’d never thought of beforehand. I will not be working upon it today, as I’ve woken up rather late by my standards to this day. I shall however endeavour to delve into tomorrow at my best creativity.

I have in mind over $100 worth of food to buy from that English Bakery, ha ha. I will endeavour to get that in the next few weeks, possibly after the New Years. I have two resolutions that I will talk about on here that we will be embarking upon. The first is, we are going to learn how to speak, read and write in the French language. The second is, we are not going to be partaking in fast food for the whole of the year. That one I will love to see how that story develops over the course of this next year.

The Rosetta Stone language course is priced out at $160. That’s not bad at all. I want to speak it well, and read manuscripts that are written in the French language. I can then use that in a story or two perhaps.  The year after that in 2020, we are going to learn how to speak in the Spanish language. In that year as well though, we are going to be visiting England. I have no knowledge as of yet where we’ll be staying or visiting. We are just in the planning it out stages.

We’re going to see some of my family members back east next spring. I’m looking forward to that particular little trip.



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