The Red Knight and The Black Knight: Ch 1

Every morning shortly after first light the black knight would rise, come to my side and say “today’s the day, little dove.” then slip out the cloth door of the tent. The red knight would wait for him by the door, sometimes for hours. It was clear she cared for him, but was perhaps too stubborn to say so. 

He returned with many dead animals hanging from his armor, and another sack of fruit. I could not believe my eyes. He talked confidently of his bounty, playing out his day for her. His arms high above his head describing a great beast that slipped from his clutches, I silently observed the two together. They laughed and smiled, it was clear they had been on this journey a long time, with only each others companionship. It was in the midst of the knights grand retelling that HE awoke.

“Who?.. Who are you?” his voice raspy and dry, “a friend” she replied, helping him to sit up. “We weren’t sure you were gonna make it, friend” the black knight exclaimed with a sigh of relief. I stumble to my husband, throwing my arms around him, I kiss his face gently and smile, but he looks at me confused. “I’m so glad you woke up!” I tell him, tears of joy falling from my eyes. “I’m sorry miss, but I don’t know whats happened, who are you all?” 

He doesn’t know who I am. 

I sit alone in the sand outside the tent, I think of our life together. Our marriage. How? How could he forget me? I lay back on the cold sediment, looking up at the bright night sky. “Ever seen so many stars?” the black knight says letting the door of the tent fall shut behind him. I see my husband inside, the red knight knelt before him preparing a meal. “I don’t remember the last time I just stopped and looked at the stars like this. We’ve been running for so long..” I sit up, brushing the sand from my clothes. “You don’t have to run anymore, little dove” he lights his pipe, taking several short puffs before sitting beside me in the sand. We stayed like this for some time. 

When day broke the two knights began to pack their personal belongings. I asked no questions, I simply helped pack. Unsure of what the future held for me and my husband, I hung my head and helped him from his bed. He thanked me sincerely, before asking my name.

“It’s Isobella” my voice shook, “Y-you called me Bella.” He looked me up and down, before fixating on my eyes “And what did you call me?” “Your name is Paul, we were married for 12 years. We had a son. His name was Petyr. He had your eyes.” I fold the last blanket tightly into the saddlebag, a tear rolls down my cheek. “He was the most beautiful boy that ever lived.”

The black knight helped the red knight onto her horse, then climbed up onto his own. He extended his hand to me, “don’t worry, I’ll take good care of her” he boasted to Paul, hoisting me onto the saddle. Paul climbed onto the red knights horse, placing his worried hands around her waist. The sun still sitting low in the sky as we left our camp that morning, the man and woman singing a joyful tune as we ride, something unfamiliar but lovely. 

We rode a long while, almost a full day. The sun kissing the sand as it set in the distance, “There!” the black knight exclaimed proudly, pointing at a small brick structure still several miles away. “That’s where we will sleep tonight!” “and if someones home?” the red knight asked “Then we’ll just explain to them that were on a very important mission,” placing his hand on the grip of his sword, “I can be very persuasive” 

As we got closer it was clear to all of us that the building was abandoned, at least of its human occupants. The family of wild dogs inside became our dinner. The red knight lit the fireplace and crouched by it, warming herself. I gazed at Paul, who was watching the fire crackle, I wondered if he would ever remember me. The black knight handed the red knight a plate of meat, and there was a beautiful silence felt by everyone. 

She removed her red dragon helm, and placed it at her side. Her long dark hair fell down her back. She was beautiful. She looked fondly at the tall armored man then back at the fire, “thank you” she said softly as she began to eat. The man remained silent, but smiled from under the black helmet, then walked outside to keep look out. Paul and I said no words.

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