Things to be grateful for.

If it was summer, I would be uncomfortable in hot sweaty weather, wearing light clothes I don’t like myself in. It would also be bright until late at night, hard to sleep, and generally unpleasant for me.

If I had no job, I couldn’t afford new Christmas decorations, or presents for friends and family. I also couldn’t afford nice clothes or Winter coats.

If I had no money, I also couldn’t buy the supplies for my crafts so easily and without much thought.

If I had a different job, I might not have the comfort, good pay, and good time off that I have with my current job.

If I had no partner, I would be feeling lonely and isolated.

If I did not share a house with only my partner, I couldn’t decorate it for for Christmas the way I have, or feel comfortable being in the social areas of the house (e.g. to watch tv, work on crafts, play games).

If my wellbeing was not at the level it is, I wouldn’t be able to push myself to have a birthday party, attend workshops at work, or socialise with new people doing new activities like Paint Club.

As it stands, I love the cooler, darker weather and am comfortable in jeans and coats. I love the cold air in the mornings that feels fresh in my lungs. I have bought plenty of presents for my friends, family, and the ones for my partner are sitting under our tree in the living room of our house. I spend dark rainy evenings watching Christmas films, because it is nearly my favourite time of year, and making ornaments from felt because I can. I am looking forward to making a christmas painting at a social event on Sunday. I have a lot to be grateful for.


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