You Keep Haunting Me

I was fine. Why did you have to do that? You brought yourself up. I was doing fine. I wasn’t looking back. I wasn’t even living in the present, I was looking forward. Then you had to ask. Just leave me alone. Don’t give me this half-attentive, but ignorant attitude. UGH. I was so over you. I told myself I could care less what happened to you. I told myself I was happy to move forward. I was done being worried sick about everything you did. Then it all came crashing down in one moment. Everything I’d worked so hard to prove to myself is now gone. I only buried you underneath my heartache. Why did you have to let go of me?! I’m actually mad at you for once. WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME?!?!?!? I want to hit my head on the wall and finally let go for real. Never to feel anything again. I want to let go of everyone who’s ever been kind to me. I want to hurt everyone who’s ever hurt me. WHO AM I BECOMING??? This isn’t me!!!! WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?!?!?!? YES, I’M YELLING AT YOU. IT’S ABOUT TIME SOMEONE GOT YOUR ATTENTION LIKE THIS!!!! I’m so mad at you, but at the same time, I’m still so broken that I want to help you. Why can’t I just let go? Plain and simple. It’s not that hard….. is it? ihml

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