featured image is one of my fav pictures I have took I hate I was set to take black and white but I should have looked

A normal day at school teacher talked we ignored you know a typical student. Jack picked me up to move a tractor so I thought Jack picked me up to finish chiseling a field then move the tractor home. Jack said to finish the field before I go home he thinks he is mean but he is a softy old man  He came back like 5 times to check on me but stayed so he thought I couldn’t see him and called on the radio to ask questions I know he had the answer too. He went to work on the ranch before my mom was born and helped raise her and was like her bodyguard he says it was not like that he had to watch her because she was always into stuff. a wild child

Got home took a shower and kind of got in a down mood the house so quiet for some reason mom was on my mind I guess the time of year and being the first Christmas without her it is funny how you can walk through the house when you are home alone and a smell  are a sound makes you remember or fell something that makes everything coming flowing it makes you kind of sad and happy at the same time but anyways enough of that before I sound sappy. I’m gonna go play the piano a while it makes me close to mom

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  1. I don’t know mom always gave them to me the funny part is I don’t read music I have to learn from listing to her playing and watching where what keys you used I’m dyslexic so couldn’t learn to read music

  2. I don’t know mom always brought me what I learned I never picked them or I hear something somewhere and remember it those I did mom gave me said they remind her of me or would say here this is you

  3. I totally should be.
    I was doing some installations for my project, but I got tired and came to lay down.
    Was gonna set my alarm,its another thing I don’t get up to my alarm, Still gotta do what I gotta do

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