Friday December 7th

I am in Brooklyn. I spent my first night ever in Brooklyn last night. I still haven’t made it into the City. I will do that later today. I am meeting my friend, Doreen, at 2:30 in the financial district, then I’m going to head to MOMA. It’s actually free on Friday nights from 4-8. I feel so happy right now! Being back in New York is good for me. I am already scheming about how I can move back here. ha. If I can get Noah straightened out and maybe into the Navy or Air Force, then maybe I can come back after I get my nursing degree. I would make about the same as a nurse as I did when I live in NYC as a teacher. Once I turn 60, I could draw teacher retirement- IF I never go back and finish up my years teaching. Walking down the streets here, I feel invigorated. I feel like this is where I belong. When I was here before, I just had the wrong job. I was already becoming bored and aggravated with teaching, and it was no better here than in Kentucky. I am hopeful that nursing will be good for me. I am hopeful it will be a career I like. Once I finish my 2 year associate’s degree, I can get my BSN online, so it doesn’t matter where I live. The same with my master’s. 

I think I am gonna feel a let down when I have to go back home. I had forgotten how much joy this place gives me. 

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  1. NYC is the best. I usually visit every summer. The feeling is truly home-like. Best food, best vibes, lovely outing’s.

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