More Letters and Family Therapy

After an argument with my mother I decided to write another letter for my parents. In it I acknowledge my mother’s tiredness and the fact that she is sick of pushing me around for years. But I also tell her that her life does not need to be a struggle; that I do not need to be pushed in order to move forward. I only need help, encouragement and patience.

There is also a list in my letter: a list of things that I want her to stop doing, such as treating me badly, trying to shame me into doing something, and changing the schedule of our family activities and everyone’s weekly chores all the time. And with it I also wrote a list of things I want her to do, like treating me well, telling me clearly what she expects me to do (instead of criticizing my mistakes), encouraging me into doing things, among others.

I have brought this letter to our family therapy session this week, and that helped the therapist understand by thoughts and feelings better. She has asked that my parents come alone the next session, to talk about their feelings and thoughts about my situation and what they can do to make things better. I hope she will be able to change their attitudes.

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