Shifting thoughts, focus

A funny thing happened today, I’ve decided to shift the location of my story, to be honest I came across that particular thought three days hence. I moved it to a different location within the state that I’ve decided upon where it all takes place. In doing so, I decided today to see what the real estate looks like in that area. I came across any number of houses and acreages that we could afford. I showed a few to my Lady and she was impressed. I’ve now shifted my thinking a bit and started upon envisioning us in that area of the country which, would be near my part of the family. That’s an interesting development for me. I know that it is from the Lord, I just hadn’t expected it to say the least.


I’ve finished the main characters  for my story, now I have to start revising it chapter upon chapter. However, I feel as though it needs a bit more so, I shall research the location a bit more so that I can write it as if I have lived there for some time.




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