Who Do You Love?

Who do you love? Are you sure?

I absolutely love this song, it’s really an emotional song for me, connects to me on a personal level. One should really ask themselves when they are conflicted between two or more people. It’s not right to hurt someone over your confused feelings. I know this because I have done this before. Now I’m left with no one but me. I don’t know why I always chase for love when it is me who I should love. Loving oneself will give you the liberation you need and not seek it from someone else.

True love comes from loving yourself. It’s an easy sentence to write but quite difficult to actually do it.

I want to truly love myself, will work on it but it takes a lot of my energy and emotional strength. I give up early when things don’t go my way and it’s really a bad habit of mine which I need to change as soon as possible before it really ruins me.

God or whoever it is deciding my destiny, please give me the strength that I need to go on.

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