I’ve been doing pretty well, maintaining a positive attitude about things for the past two weeks. However, now that the term has ended and I have all this free time…I’m beginning to think about him. I’m missing him. I know I’m just missing what I could have had with him – or the idea of him, but this still doesn’t offer me any comfort. I don’t want to say this eliminates all my progress, but it really feels like a step back. Sometimes I get panicky when I don’t hear from him, but his absence also helps remind me that he never cared about me to begin with. Or rather that he didn’t care about me enough. Still, I wish he would text me or reach out to me in any way, but at the same time I’m thankful that he hasn’t. I won’t say I’m defeated, but I’m feeling a little weak right now. Winters are cold and lonely, sometimes. It plays tricks on your mind. 

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