Am I Bridget Jones?

Dear Diary,

So I am watching Bridget Jones’s Diary at the moment (I am writing this on my phone for the first time ever) and in the opening credits scene, she is sat there with a glass of wine, chain smoking cigarettes and singing All By Myself while realising that if she don’t get a proper boyfriend she might die alone surrounded by dogs. All of which applies to me (apart from the smoking part, my mum would kill me if I smoked in the house).

However, I am lucky that I don’t fancy any of my old bosses. Assistant managers yes but not managers (some of them were sex material but not boyfriend material, screw that).

On the subject of finding a boyfriend (or something with a few more benefits) I asked the guy who takes forever to reply out on a date. I am still waiting for a reply. In my head I am telling myself that he is occupied so he can’t be in his phone all the time.

But let’s be honest, it was September when I last had sex. I am not going to date him just for sex but I am hoping that the sex plays a bigger part in the relationship rather than meeting the parents and pretending to like his mates.

Meeting the parents is something I have never done and don’t plan to. From what I have heard it’s awkward. In my head I am saying “Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m screwing your son”. Give me I’m A Celebrity any day!!!

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