my heart is beating out of my chest i feel like i can’t breath manic as h*ck hahahahaha help 

and all through the day, i kept thinking about how u said u loved me but i know it was like in a friend way even though it wasn’t REAAALLLY in a friend way 

i’m trying to keep my distance so i don’t hurt you

but if i really didn’t want to hurt you…… I WOULDN’T HAVE ENTERED YOUR LIFE AGAIN

because i’m a selfish b**ch who just wants to use this dude for my personal gain

idk what i was thinking!!!!!! what is wrong with me!!!!!!!! he’s a good kid and i only ruin things(he knows that already so i guess we’re both f**ked up) 

~but deep down inside i secretly love u ok and i know u luv me too~

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