Drummers and DJs

A drummer and a dj are both kinds of beat maker, albeit in very different, yet complementary, modes. A drummer will play on a kit; a dj on a system composed of elements including software as well as hardware. When drummers meet djs is where this get really interesting.

Dance Loud’, a duo composed of drummer Desereé Fawn and DJ Kristin, perform to huge crowds the world over. Fawn states that the keys to drumming with a dj are: using a good monitor and in-ear headphone, as the dj will also do; knowing when and where the bass drops in a piece of music; and being mindful about not over cluttering the mix, as too many sounds can sound messy and chaotic. You can practice drumming in time to beats made by the Drum Pad Machine app, which you can download here, to get a feel for how this works.

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