Over bipolar, what now?

My first post here, coming from 750words.com.  I liked that the required you write that amount but the interface left something to be desired and the community structure of this seems like as good of place as any for a forever home for my thoughts.

Really just trying to get into the swing of things, panicking that my work is monitoring web traffic, although I know they don’t have the resources, I hotspot from my phone when I write, just in case.  We all know that discrimination in the workplace is far from gone, and mental disorders being #1 among them.

I am not afraid on my diagnose, but I also do not advertise it.  Seems that bipolar is one of the things it is ok to discriminate against now.  Funny, I always thought it is not ok to discriminate against anything, but really, if you ran a business, would you rather have someone who is diagnosed or something ‘regular’?

Still, I have been medicated for over 15 years, happily married, no issues beyond the regular stuff, money, relationships, money…money 🙂  I know I have it better than most, both my wife and I have middle class jobs in a middle class condo building but we both want more, we try not to envy but, this is america after all.  The American dream used to be where you go(if you were a white male anyway) and now it is a stretch on two incomes.

I hope I can keep this up, I can see the benefit, but the risks of posting public(let alone private) is really intimidating.  What if someone found out who I was? Used it against me, when all I want to do is get it out and maybe help someone with a disorder while I help myself.

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