This happens every year.  I don’t like my job, it is like office space.

I know it can be better, or get better but once I understand the people, the people around me who are happy where they are, being mediocre, I have to get out!

The thing is though, I acknowledge that my last 2 quits were a mistake, at least partially.  Atos employees came Microsoft employees which was my whole goal! My stress has gone down, Motorola was ocassional stress, and now I have very little other than being irrelevant.

I want goals, I want to be organized, and I think I am getting close with calendar, trello, maxwell/sinek, act therapy.  It just all needs to come together, I think fitness and medication can do it, or rather, increasing fitness for a clear head and changing my meds.  That means fat secret is on the agenda too.  Alot of technology for very old problems.

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