Moving out and going home.

After a brutal semester, wherein I flew to and from Japan, completed an insane engineering project, and was sexually assaulted, in the end I was triumphant. I mean . . . I know I aced 3/4 classes. I might be getting my first ever C though. At this point, I’m grateful for that C, because of how hard this fall semester was. 

It’s been a week since the semester has ended but I’m still in Berkeley, because I’ve been moving. I’m moving out of my cute victorian house rental and into the city – San Francisco! Friday I signed my 12 month lease, I’m renting a studio apartment in my fav. part of the city. I’m moving because my landlord is a horrible, horrible, horrible person and I can’t stand living here under his nose. I’m going to miss this house, its lovely and has a lot of charm. It is also only 2 blocks away from campus, and so I would bike to school every day. Thats something I’m going to miss. Because my commute will now be 30 minutes, not too bad compared to ‘city’ standards. 

Tonight is my last night in this house, and tomorrow I am turning in my keys and wishing to never see that awful man again. 

On a much happier note, my boyfriend got in from Japan Sunday night. I was so happy to see him that I cried. I just missed him so much. I feel kind of bad, instead of spending time together doing ‘fun’ things he’s been really busy helping me pack and move out.

We are flying to Aspen tomorrow night to spend Christmas with my family. I am so excited to show him around my hometown. Of course I’m planning on doing some skiing with him, its probably going to be packed though, theres a lot of tourists that fly in this time of year. The whole town booms but its also nice. And he might even get to meet my neighbors. A little joke being that my neighbors don’t actually live year round in their house, they only live here for November and December and a bit of January. Then they move back to their home state in Florida, but they bring their horses with them and have fun Christmas parties. 

I don’t know how, but I made it. This awful semester didn’t break me. I was able to rise to the occasion, I’m actually really proud of myself for that. I don’t actually give myself credit in any situation, but I didn’t cry and give up, even though I really really wanted to some days. 

Its midnight and Ayato is sleeping soundly on the air mattress that we bought at Target, the fireplace is lit and I’m enjoying the last I’m ever going to see of this place, I am going to miss it. A lot of things happened here. In the long run, I am thankful for the bad too. I going to finish my tea and then gonna go sleep next to my love. Goodnight!

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