Dress up and shut up.

Wednsday 10:35 p.m.

The significant other has his work christmas party tomorrow,what went from a casual dinner and tournament at medieval times has now turned into “babe im wearing slacks a dress shirt and dress shoes , so dress up ” WTF!!!! i men really? I  would have expected that at a more sophisticated place then medieval times! come on man!!!

As if feeling like a fat, handicapped ,piggy isnt enough, i now have to over dress and sweat only to parade around people i dont know and dont care to. (His co workers dont seem very nice) Yay cant wait for the soical awkwardness to begin. oh well i haven’t really dressed  up since the surgery. theirs not much you can match a pair of nike down shifters with and look nice unless your a rapper.In the morning  i have to try and find something to wear that looks dressy and hopefully some sort of shoe that wont irritate the nerves on my drop foot. ive never hoped a man split the but crack of his slacks more then i do now…

 Im just going to blame the moon phasing for getting my panties in such a bunch about all this, i know its the insecurities doing the talking, Again its the moons fault! i know it sounds crazy but i truly believe that the phases of the moon cant effect our moods deeply, if the phases can change the tides the it can do the same to us. we are after all over fifty percent water.to quote angels in the out field “it could happen”well  wish me luck and confidence maybe i can pull off some of my old amazon self tomorrow night.

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