of course i’ll hug you.

so today i went to visit my high school friend j for the last time before he goes back to our old high school town.

i also had lunch at in-n-out for the first time, and honestly, it wasn’t that good. it was a decent fast food meal, but i didn’t really like the taste or texture of the fries, and i generally love all fries. also, i always get onions on my burgers, but i kind of hate how onions taste so good, yet make your mouth and even hands smell for hours afterward.

i said goodbye to j since he had to go back to his dorms to pack and i wanted to take the bus to a gift shop that sold postcards. he was about to cross the street, but i told him, Hey, this is the last time I’ll see you! and i held my arms out for a hug. it was sort of awkward, because j and i aren’t touchy friends, but i don’t regret it. god knows how long it’ll be before i see him again, that weird but great kid.

i bought three postcards at the gift shop, although i already regret not buying more. oh well. i have time to go back. plus, it’s the only shop i’ve found that actually sells city-themed postcards at all, and i NEED to send those to my friends.

i also just finished making my calendar for next semester. i’m going to be so busy… the only unknown variable is the research component and how many hours that’ll be per week, as well as the times i’ll have to be there. i have to email my research professor, which i’m actually really scared to do.

turns out i got a 194/200 on my calc final, which surprised me, since there were two questions i was REALLY unsure of, and i expected to make more dumb mistakes. i’m really happy i made all A’s this semester, even though technically all of my classes were intro or gen ed classes, and i shouldn’t have gotten less than A’s anyway.

yesterday, i bought a red dress at h&m for $9. since i’ve left home, i’ve bought a long list of clothing: two pairs of shorts (pink and crimson), a blue and white striped bikini top and bottom set, a black silk dress, a black turtleneck, a black sweater with a laced back, a black pumpkin-print sweater, a green flannel, a black and white grid-patterned shirt, a black puffer jacket, a red and black checkered top, a white t-shirt, a thin red sweater dress, and a pair of fuzzy white cat socks. (at least, that should be it…) listing it all out like this makes me realize just how much money i’ve spent on clothes, although, to be fair to myself, every individual item was less than $10 except the puffer jacket ($20 on sale at old navy) and the silk dress ($44 because i splurged on it for my birthday). i’ve also spent money on food (random meals with friends, as well as food for my dorm), and other random things (like small gifts). so really, the money i’ve earned from my part-time job really just helped me keep my checking account even, and didn’t really increase it… oh well… i guess i shouldn’t keep spending money, but then again, i spent $408 on train tickets and housing fees, and that’s the biggest and most necessary chunk of money that i couldn’t back out of spending, so…

being on the bus back this afternoon made me so sleepy. i actually nodded off at multiple points, since it was an hour and a half, and even slower than normal due to traffic.

anyway, in other, not surprising news, i’ve also been still thinking a lot about the boy. it’s dumb. i don’t think berating myself for it will make me stop, though, so i’m going to try to stop being angry at myself for happening to like someone who’s going to be gone next sem.

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  1. you should get his number in jan and start texting, or even after lecture asking him to get lunch or coffee with you and if it goes well, ask for his #. be that cowboy

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