I have always been concerned with how my workplace operates. As most people do.

What is new is now I care how it affects other people, the companies mission, and what it means having a good or bad workplace outside of work for a person and society.

I really do care about people, and I care about myself and my happiness quite a bit.  Sometime soon I will be director level, and will no longer know what it is like to be on the front lines of an office job. Some people think you shouldn’t care how you feel, it is work, get a check and go home.  I think less and less people can do that, and a lot of those people were making a lot of money for lower value positions, just happy to be there at all.

WFH is hotly contested and honestly I am split on it both as an employee and as a manager.  In the end though the positives are obvious and the negatives, need not exist with employee engagement.  If your employees value being a part of your company, they won’t risk losing it and there are things employers can put in place to protect themselves.

In between, shifting schedules, needs accomodations, bringing home to the office(dog day, casual day etc) are so obvious it is a wonder my employer does not use them. 

I will push for these programs, or go somewhere else.

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