Depression Colored Glasses

When I’m depressed I imagine how something’s going to be and it always seems unsatisfying because of the negative glasses my depression has given me to see with.  However, when I actually do it, a lot of times the result is a different story.  My negative mind’s imagined view of it is fake and not real.  Only the reality of it is real. 

Much of the problem with depression is that nothing seems enjoyable or worth pursuing.  It is this belief that keeps us so limited.  We should just start doing things and see what the result is.  That’s the only way to know.  I am amazed how often I rise to the occasion and enjoy something more than I thought I would. 

No wonder depression makes us feel stuck.  We believe all these thoughts that nothing is going to be good.  We shouldn’t trust them.  They are wrong a lot of the time.  Remind yourself of all the many times they were dead wrong… 

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