I came,I saw eh..


Yesterday’s awkward christmas party was a success! Due impart to the 5 double jack and cokes we each had. I even looked decent, we took a few good pictures but my face looks a little fuller now then it did 6 months ago,but oh well I can’t complain it was better then nothing.

 The show was great and so was the hands on food. The only thing I am saddened about was the company photos. Towards the very end we got up to use the bathroom not realizing that the rest of my boyfriends  co workers were gathering together to take a photo, they can make sure everyone gets a drink coupon but they could see who wasnt there for the picture. I could care less,but for his sake that’s the only reason I care if he wasnt so drunk at that point I know how sad he would have been.

In the higher archy of the company I can see who the “cool kids” are and who the underclassmen are as well. My boyfriend is the good hearted guy that wants to be liked by everyone and is trying to fit in. I  being his girlfriend and also very good at reading people can say he’s too good for some of these assholes. No girlfriend  prejudice intended.

This morning I was up slightly drunk still and tired. I couldnt sleep a wink last night and kept tossing and turning. He left to work and I went to McDonald’s to get him breakfast and after delivering it I headed home and started my day of errands and hanging with the family. Unlike most fridays were i begin my weekends with him I figured he’d be beat and I’ll just see him tomorrow. Best freind had called and needed a favor.

 Luckily bestfriend didnt need money ,she just wanted to borrow my kitchen and expertise to make treats for her co workers. Sure,ok.  So she spent the afternoon here baking and talking. Usually that’s fine but I’m still annoyed by the whole financial failure she almost put me in and hearing her tell me about the 300 dollar watch she wanted to buy her boyfriend or the concert tickets she wants to buy to take him to was something I didn’t want to hear. I learned my lesson, so I just gritted my teeth and shook my my head . I need to move on from it. 

I’m home in my room with quietness. It’s the solstice moon. Emotions and tides are stirring and I feel mentally drained and agitated,mostly from last nights activities Sometimes to much socializing  overwhelms me. I’m picking up on others vibrations while balancing my own, it’s a little to much. I never believed in empaths till someone brought the attributes to my attention and I began seeing comparisons. I knew I was good at reading people but I didn’t pay attention to how they made me feel. I’m still adjusting to the changes but I notice now I dont spend alot of time around people as much

My few and select and that’s it…

 Its Friday night and while I’d love to be out and about all I feel like it getting under my covers,turning out the lights and calling it a night so that’s what I aim to do.

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