recognition of goodbyes.

today was wonderful!

i got to go back to the high school i graduated from, and see a few of my old teachers (some had already left for the day, which was a bit sad). at least i saw the most important one: my ap physics 1 teacher, god bless her, i’ve missed her so much. and my programming and accounting teachers, the first of which had THE BEST surprised reaction to seeing me and my two friends again :’)

the total of four hours to and from the old city from my brother’s city felt fast both ways because my friend and i were talking. i’m so glad to see her again!! and our other friend, whom we picked up before visiting school and had lunch with, is just as wonderful as she’s always been, as well.

going back to school gave me so many memories. it was wild. i can’t believe that in may of this year i was still traipsing up and down the hallways as a student with the same schedule every day, going up and down and around the same ways, going to the same locker, talking to the same people and teachers… and now i’ve finished my first semester of college.

so much has changed– for the better. it still makes me nostalgic to be in my old high school, though. good things happened there, too.

i saw my lil sophomore daughter again!!

i also got to say hi to the old cat friend i had senior year!! he remembered me and came over, and my friend took pictures :’) i love and missed that chunky boy too.

after the school visit, first friend and i dropped off the second friend at her house. saying goodbye to her again was just… it was sad. i have to go back and see her again.

saying goodbye to my teachers again was also sad. saying goodbye to people you love never seems to get easier no matter how many times you say it; in fact, it seems to get harder when you realize how much more permanent the goodbye could be this time.

dang it, now i’m all in my feels. i was in very excited, giddy feels earlier, but i knew it was going to veer into sad territory once the school visit was over.

but i don’t want to be too sad about that part of my life being over. i want to appreciate it, and be glad that i made enough good memories and met enough good people in high school that it was worth revisiting and remembering it. i want to be grateful that i had such beautiful people (and a cat!) to say goodbye to at all. and i truly am glad that i got to have teachers and friends that were wonderful enough that i would want to see them again after high school was over.


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