Cookies & Hot Chocolate &fam. time

We’re finally back in Aspen, home sweet home. 

This has been a hectic week. I did manage to get all of my stuff moved to my new place, a few things in storage, and I have nothing unpacked or ‘move in ready’. But I have a month of vacation on my hands. 🙂

Ayato was nervous to meet my parents, but he’s been great. My parents are super considerate, they had a beautiful dinner all set up for when we arrived. We even got to taste my mom’s lavender cake which I love so much. 

I’ve got plans! I want to show Ayato all of my favorite things about this beautiful town, not just skiing. Though he is an avid snowboarder and is pretty amped about filming as much as he can. 

I want to spend some time with my parents too, we have a few family activities in mind. 

I missed them so much. 

Especially the food, my mom is making us Christmas cookies and hot chocolate. Ayato is playing chess with my dad, and we are getting ready to watch a movie tonight. I’m eating leftover pasta and buying stuff online lol. Updating the journal. I love Christmas time. Even though I’m not religious, and my parents are alternative religious, we can still celebrate coming home and spending time together. 

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