nothing but the same worry


Im feeling off ,maybe its the full moon ending or a period ending ,,im not sure, all i do know is i was agitated and left the boyfriends house to come home and bake, done with the pretzels and cake balls,tomorrow it cookies. sigh im looking down at my gut and shaking my head. why do the holidays always make it difficult to stay on track?

So in honor of a semi new years resolution’s im giving myself a new goal, t try and loose some weight by the end of February preferably around the 26th. im not waiting till the first to  start putting it into effect,i can make smart choices about eating now and getting more active. i cant let the problems with my fusion get in the way , i just have to work around them. fingers crossed i do, on top of all my other headaches the weight gain is really messed up my state of mind. ill be damned if i let it beat me. my definition  of being beaten is when i have to buy a bigger pant size.  

bed is calling peace out.



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