[430] ~*Thu – 12/27/18*~

[8:19 pm]

I am so tired. I just puked and I’m having a really hard time breathing so I decided screw it and got myself in bed. I’m just realizing now how early it is. I want to read and it’s either going to be me reading until like 11 pm or me not reading for long and falling asleep. I kinda wanted to catch up on shows but it’s not gonna happen cause I was just getting tired of sitting in front the laptop.

I was meant to go get some food for the cats after work and I didn’t even do it cause I was just too tired and just wanted to come home. I need to do that tomorrow but tomorrow I’m driving by the place so I will stop then. I also need to go drop off some bottles as my closet is getting full. I need to leave myself a note on my phone or else I will forget. I’m just glad hub went and got the registration for the car cause I had no time to go for that.

I’m glad I have Sun off cause I feel that I need it as it will just get worse cause I’m working even longer tomorrow and then longer on Sat. I’m still debating about staying at the store or not. I know I need to leave but I just can’t bring myself to write my note.

Alright, I guess I shall start my reading as I would like to finish this book soon enough. Last time I read two books in a week and now I’ve been on this one book for the past two weeks. Mind you it’s a big one but still.


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