[431] ~*Fri – 12/28/18*~

[9:14 pm]

I almost feel bad cause hub is been helping A LOT lately. We’re kinda having a snow storm today and I got home and figured I’d have to clean the steps and in front of them but it was already done. Dang! I totally didn’t expect to come home to that. He also did clean the suggies kitchen. I know I shouldn’t be this way cause he needs to be doing his part too which he hasn’t been doing FOR EVER and just started a few months ago but I’m so not used to it that I feel terrible that he’s doing something around the house. I just hope he will keep up with it.

I really didn’t wanted to get my client after work #1 cause it was awful outside and the club was obviously closed. I really wanted to cancel but decided to still take him out. I just hate that his mom can’t even cancel when it’s a storm outside. I totally don’t understand why you would want to send your kid in that kind of weather. It really pisses me off. Anyways, I ended up taking him out to eat and then to the mall and we met with another worker and her client so it was actually not too bad. I took advantage of this to get myself two Switch games which I have no darn idea when I’ll have time to play those with hub. I also went and finally got some food for the cats and dropped off my empty bottles. 

I was off from the store on Sun but the manager decided to give me a shift since I had complained that she had giving me off and I was scared to lose my Holiday because of it. I was sorta happy with the day off but oh well, looks like I’ll be working in the end. Might as well make the most out of it before I leave. I still haven’t written my note and I have a feeling I won’t be doing it. Arg! I guess I’ll need to talk to her and see about the once every two weeks.

I got some random money from work #1 today in my bank account and I wonder what it is cause there’s no pay stub for it on the website. I know they are paying us again before the end of the month but I didn’t think it would be today as it’s kinda random and the amount isn’t enough for the rest of the month. I guess I shall wait and see or ask someone at work tomorrow but they more than likely don’t even know themselves. I just hope this isn’t the last pay of the year cause it’s like a third of what I should be paid.

Talking about money, I spent $183 on two Switch games which I thought I only had $80 left for games money from like two Xmas ago but come to find out, I had $180 so looks like I didn’t really over spend in the end. Bouhaha! The joys of having some cash stashed up somewhere in the house. I hope I won’t be too tired on my next day off so me and hub can play Mario Party.

I’m a bit tired but not too bad considering my day of work. I will be watching some YouTube for now and I think I might head to bed soon cause I want to read some before sleeping and I have a very long day tomorrow as I am going to the movies with my client after work.

Oh yea, I ended up finishing my book last night and then I wanted to rest for a lil but ended up falling asleep. That said, I think it wasn’t even 10 pm by the time I felt asleep but I was still super exhausted this morning. I know I was tired cause I caught myself snoring a few times which I don’t think I normally do. I hope I will be having a better night sleep tonight.


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