[432] ~*Sat 12/29/18*~

[10:54 pm]

I just got home from work and I’m going straight to bed. I might play a lil on my farming game or read but I’m going to bed. I’m so tired and having a hard time breathing as I just puked and it doesn’t seem to be relieving me. I really need to go see my doc again. Something needs to be done. I can’t live like this. Looks like I was wrong about the inhaler, it doesn’t seem to be helping any. 

I just fed the cats and I’ll be feeding the suggies and that’s it. The kitchen is annoying me cause there’s dishes on the counter and all but I need to just ignore it. I really need a day to clean the house again cause I’m getting behind. I need some time off.

I went to see Bumblebee with my client which was really good but again, seemed a bit long by the end.

I hate myself for saying I would go to work at the store tomorrow cause I could so use the day off to sleep. Arg! I’m also very hot right now and like I’ve said, such a hard time breathing. I don’t know what to do anymore. I just feel sad and like I want to cry but can’t seem to do so.

I guess I should go feed the suggies and head to bed cause it’s already 11 pm. I’m glad I only work at noon tomorrow so I can sleep a bit longer.

Oh yea, I got my pay stub today and no mention of that random money that got into my account yesterday. I have no clue what the money is for but I know I didn’t get paid for Xmas which pisses me off. I really hate when I have to bug people for the money that I should be paid. It’s getting really annoying. I had checked my pay stub at work but didn’t realize for the Holiday at the time so I didn’t ask others if they got paid or not. I just emailed my TL about it. I did get paid for some over time which I think I got way more than what was owed but that’s fine by me as they seem to forget to pay for other stuff. 


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