This guy kept inviting me out and saying he loved me and flirting with me.  So I hung out with him one night.  We kissed, made out and I slept over.  He said at one point that night, “I kinda want to kill you”  Um, what?

This was two days ago, Wednesday night.

His name is Vincent and he is homeless and lives in a vacant apartment building.  Also, sonic wave weapons were on and used on me in their bathroom that has no water or electricity.  They’re trespassing.  Ricky, Vince, Nathan and a couple are all staying there.  IDK what to do.  Oh and this prostitute Vince knows, named Trish (Tricia) has twice threatened to kill me over him. He flirts with her and is probably having sex with her for free.  Yuck.  He probably has STDs in his mouth, throat and well, the usual places.  She’s a street whore who is homeless.  Argh.  More troubles.  Oh, and Vince has already been to prison and won’t say what for.

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