Love me or love me not…

It’s a constant battle. Up and down, but mainly down. What do you want from me other than to hurt me? You don’t want my love because when I give it you, you throw it away. You make things bigger than they are, you make a mountain out do a molehill. You want to take my heart and slash it!

why do you hate me?

huh? What did I do to you to make you treat me like this? I don’t deserve this madness, harassment and hate. 

I just want you to love me… I want to know how it feels to be spoiled in love and affection. It’s supposed t start with you! 


I want to be nurtured and held. Kissed and hugged. Random selfies and road trips. Random stories of when you grew up and how a lady is supposed to act. Playing dress up and practicing putting on make up…


I got nothing. I get anger now. Massive anger. WHAT THE FUCK DID I EVER DO TO YOU? 

I just want a mother…

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