[433] ~*Sun – 12/30/18*~

[9:25 pm]

I feel really sad right now. I told the manager at the store that I would be done in two weeks and now that it’s getting really real, it’s making me sad. I’m so scared to be making a mistake by leaving as they don’t re-hire so if ever I want to go back, I can’t. I know I always get pissed off by the end of my shift cause there is just way too much to do but I think in general I still like it. Bleh! I just like being on the cash and dealing with money. I think that’s the part I will be missing, dealing with money. That’s why I wanted to go work in a bank as I just love working with money and I’m good with it.

Anyways, we shall see where it will bring me. I just know I need to start taking care of myself and working all the time isn’t good for me cause I need some rest.

We went bowling tonight as it was our Xmas staff party which was super fun. We’ve been asking to go bowl since I started at the store and we finally did it. My last Xmas party and we do it. Kinda great!

The house is such a mess and it’s annoying the hell out of me but I’m forcing myself not to do anything cause I’m just too tired for it. I’m telling myself that I have a day off on Tue and I’ll be able to get things done on that day. There is just so much we still need to take care of like the darn nest in the basement, the fan in the cold room, the tub in the bathroom. I also need to see the doc, the nurse for my foot, the hairdresser and the optometrist now that I have my insurances. This new year will surely be super busy.

I’m just hoping this upcoming year will be much better than the last cause I can’t take much more. I also need to take my car in as it will need its safety. Bleh! I hope so badly that everything will be alright with the new year. Near year, new start. Let’s hope for it.

Hub left some dishes on his desk and I keep looking at it and want to just bring it upstairs but then I ask myself why should I clean up after him. Arg! He was doing so well but now he has been stacking dirty dishes on his desk for two days. There is also too much crap on his desk for my liking. I need to clean it up and put some stuff away. If I can finally get some days off, I’m cleaning up. If it doesn’t belong there, it’s going. There’s a stack of paper that I have on top of my filing cabinet cause I haven’t even been filing my stuff for the past two months or so. I really need to get back on track with stuff in the house. It’s killing me to see it. I just can’t believe I’ve actually let it go like I did but then again, when the hell do I have time to get anything done around the house. I know I have OCD but me being tired wins over the OCD.

Alright, I think I’ve done enough blah blah for tonight. Let’s go watch a show or two before I head to bed. I’ve called my mom and told her to call me back when she gets home from work so I can’t really go to sleep before 11:30 pm but I still want to get to bed before that and read.


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