trying to get into different genres of music. right now stoner rock and blues rock are appealing.


i was tempted to blow $58 on three items at h&m today. of course i did not. there was a pleated plaid skirt, a pair of denim shorts, and a black sweater. the sweater looked fantastic with both the shorts and the skirt, but none of the items were on sale. tragic.

i’m really tired, and feel weird.

eyeliner is the most magical type of makeup there is. having wings on my eyes makes me feel prettier, which is hard for me to feel.


the other day when i went to the grocery store i’d been hoping to see a box of andes mints on sale, but they were all gone from the holiday sale shelves.

i really like buying things that are on sale, even if i don’t need them. this is why i bought a red sweater dress that i didn’t need, only to return it today. then today i deliberately tried on clothes that i knew i absolutely would not buy, because none of them were on sale, or on sale enough.


honestly, who would pay $25 for a skirt? certainly not a broke college kid who got paid nine fifty an hour but had to spend most of her earnings on food.


all the pleasure i get now is from going to stores and picking out clothes that i know i shouldn’t buy, and then trying them on, and pretending to deliberate for a moment before putting them back on the racks.


i’m going to buy two bottles of sparkling juice for new year’s eve, and drink them alone. how weird will it be, to be alone for new year’s eve while other people party.

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