Say No More

It’s all my fault. I played the fool. You told me not to trust you. I know, it’s my fault. Say no more. I opened my heart to you. My fault! I told you it was all love and fun until it became more of a mystery. I’m so confused. I guess it’s okay for me to be confused as long as you get what you want when you want it. 


I can tell you enjoy me but you should have loved me too.

We could have had way more fun for a longer period of time but your bullshit outweighed  my patience.

The way you make me melt… 

But, say no more. No more secret rendezvous, no more passionate kisses, that Nigga will definitely miss me. You need to give your time. Say no more. My time is for those who WANT to be around me, love me and be a great friend to me.

You’ll never trust me… Who do you really trust? … You said you’ve changed. You still haven’t shown me proof of this. Say no more. You’ll never trust me either, although I feel that you’ve allowed your guard to drop a bit while in my presence.

… I felt your nervous energy. I don’t know if it was fear or me. Or both. 

… I felt your kiss, oh I felt it.

… The way you looked at me.

Now you’re so quick to give me up. Not really concern about my feelings being hurt. Not willing to come see me. No fight for me what so ever….


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