31 Dec 2018

Even before I heard about the Make It From Scratch Challenge I was planning on making most of our meals for the month of January from scratch (due to various really, really aggravating financial sorrows that have plagued my household recently). Now the Challenge gives me even more incentive to be frugal for a cause (and possibly a little prize of some sort).

Also I’ve been a fan of WWII ration recipes — and British cooking in general — for quite a while, and have tried a couple recipes from The 1940s Experiment. These recipes focus on using less meat, eggs, sugar, cheese, and fats so they’re likely to be healthier than most modern fare. If I manage to drop some weight on this journey as well, then hooray!

I had decided a year or so ago to try to cook from my pantry, and long-term emergency food stores, but got pretty side-tracked upon discovering I don’t actually like some of what we had in the pantry. And, admittedly, sheer laziness to some extent. But my motivation has been boosted by the financial pains visited upon my family, and my increasing desire to Get That Shit Sorted! Working overtime has been necessary to catch up on some of the bills, but I loathe it with a fiery passion, so going more frugal (and probably healthier, to boot) while simultaneously increasing my self-sufficiency skills is a very nice all-around win.

Looking forward to making bread (several recipes, including Wartime Loaf) and trying out Vegetable Turnover and revisiting old favorites like Cottage Pie.

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  1. What a great idea .. the 1940’s experiment has a touch of nostalgia about it, I’ve always been interested in history and curious about the times that have gone before .. funny, I mentioned to my daughter I really fancy shepherds pie and there it is, well near enough with cottage pie .. I feel some nostalgia will be cooking up in my kitchen very very soon .. Happy cooking .. 🙂

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