Vince, got it

I found out why Vince said he wasn’t in a good mood and blew me off for last Friday AND Saturday’s plans with me.  He met someone else.  Danielle.  She’s a bleached blonde.  Plus, he likes messing with Trish the prostitute.  Nathan calls her Satanica.  Plus he has been doing ICE, which is smoking crystal methamphetamine and sometimes he does cocaine.  He has been after me for months, telling me he loves me and inviting me to hang out and kissing on me, hugging, flirting, etc and oh that’s it???  I guess it’s because I didn’t have sex with him last Wednesday night when I spent the night there.  IDK.  I asked him if he wants to be my roommate.  I saw him this morning at Soup Alley.  He was mean and lied at first.  He was high on  meth.  He made a half smile when I asked if he wanted to be my roommate.  Yeah, he just wants pussy and a place to stay.  So not attractive when he’s so mean and callous.  Maybe he should stay with Danielle?  IDK if I even want him to stay with me the way he’s acting on meth.  He also told me when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday that he wanted peace.  I said I can’t do that, meaning I thought he meant peace on Earth.  He said he wanted quiet from me.  Wow.  He talks in public and straight into my house and he wants quiet?  I get tortured to talk and he knows it!  I told him on Friday!  If I don’t talk, I get murdered!  Bah, I really need a roommate.  I have until 10 am tomorrow morning, when I’m supposed to meet him at St Louis Bread Co on 7th & Russell to discuss being roommates at my house.  Hope it goes well.

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