Happy? New year

Vince was supposed to meet me at St Louis Bread Co. @ 7th and Russell at 10 am this morning.  I saw him at soup alley yesterday and we agreed to meet up here today.  It’s 11am and he never showed.  Jen and Terry haven’t seen him.  Terry said they left early this morning.  WTF?  I didn’t even think about how he might not show up.  I knew he was on meth (ice) yesterday, but still!  My mom forgets whole days on crystal meth, so he may have forgotten.  I wanted to meet with him to discuss him being my roommate.  They probably went on a drug run or God knows what.  Wow, first time being stood up in the new year.  Oh well, I’m drinking my coffee and using the internet, which is what I would have done anyway!  Bah.

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