I’m at St. Louis Bread Co. @ 7th & Russell, drinking coffee.  Jen and Terry joined me here.  I was supposed to meet Vince at 10 am.  It’s 11:52am.  Guess crankhead forgot or just doesn’t want to be my roommate.  His loss.


I do NOT talk to Livelihood!  That’s what some employees here are talking about and people say that everywhere.  I don’t talk to “gentlemen” either!  Even cops at the library repeat those lies.  I’m sick of it.  Earlier, Jen told someone that I talk to livelihood.  I don’t even know what that means!  I get tortured with sonic wave and microwave weapons and interrogated and exploited to talk.  I have no choice for 8 years.  I have no idea who I am talking to and it doesn’t matter.  Obviously, my house is bugged and there is audio input on up to 21 levels, which can be used simultaneously.  


Ugh.  I guess Vince hates me as he didn’t show this morning.  WHY?  Oh well.  Hurts my feelings and I wasn’t asking him to be anything other than my roommate.

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